Confidence Looks Nice on You

On this lovely morning while filling up my Brita bottle with ice for my new obsession Red Juice from BluePrint Cleanse, I bumped into a friend that proclaimed “Girl, where are you going after work?” I jokingly told her she was treating me to dinner.  As we went out separate ways I looked down at my dress and wondered, was I overdressed? I mean I’ve had this dress for years and after months of sweating my fat off literally in Bikram Yoga over the long and cold winter months I’m more than ready to show a little skin.

I didn’t think much of our little exchange until two more people stated the same thing to me before I even made it to the office. So now the insecure part of me can’t help but wonder, “Well, damn how do I normally look?” I quickly shake that off, but really, I didn’t do any extra primping this morning than I normally do. I can admit that this is one of my favorite dresses.  I love the earth tone colors that seem to compliment my complexion, and it does seem to hug me in all the right places while giving me just enough room in all my “extra cushion” places.  I then realize that no one actually gave me a direct compliment on my dress, or the pretty little leather flower headband or even my gold peep toe shoes, no one mentioned my attire at all… But they noticed a little something different about me today.  Well, what was it? Confidence! It was written all over my face and was in my stride as I greeted everyone. It was in the smile that made my cheeks hurt by the time I got to my office. It was in the way I wore this dress- like it was made especially for me! My confidence got all the attention and isn’t that what really matters? I just might find some where to go after all!

As always…Be Beautiful. Be Blessed. Twanna


Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Beauty Notes